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Visual Media


We are never final products, but rather rough drafts

from the toughest times we are forced to face and overcome

Below are just a couple video clips that demonstrate the power of putting faces to life experiences and stories for even more amazing and magical moments to occur!

December 2011: Mary Wu Channel 12 News Interview

Local Channel 12 News interviewed me about UKRO sponsoring me as their float rider for the 2012 Rose Bowl Parade held in Pasadena, California

UKRO Rose Dedication for Donate Life Float

Here is a wonderful video clip UKRO captured of the magic and wonders of the Donate Float preparation!

TRIO Leadership Summit September 2012: Support Needs of Transplant Youth

A presentation by Mary Wu and Alli Weese given to the TRIO Leadership Summit on September 28th in PIttsburgh, PA - full title:"Support Needs of the Transplanted Youth: a chapter challenge"


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